Browser Speed Test

I did a test to see which internet browser was the fastest. It turns out that Safari by Apple is the fastest one. I think I’ll have to tell that to Microsoft!


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I live outside of Eldridge, IA. Yes, I know that it says that I live in Davenport, IA, but really I live closer to Eldridge. I just have a Davenport address. My hobbies include: magic, video games, movies, reading, and anything to do with technology. View all posts by Quinn C.

2 responses to “Browser Speed Test

  • Jane

    How could you test an Apple product without an Apple computer? I am assuming you don’t have one. Interesting study, by the way!

    • Quinn C

      Well, your right that I don’t have an Apple computer, but Apple offers most of it’s programs for PCs to. In fact I’m am writing this on Safari. Pretty weird if you ask me, being as Microsoft and Apple are steadfast rivals. Also another weird thing is that Google offers its toolbar for Internet Explorer even though Microsoft and Google are also rivals. I wish I had a Macbook though!

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