Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!

It’s hard to believe its almost 2010 Already. What we usually do for new years eve is this: we put out bags with things like party poppers and stuff, and label them one for each hour, until my sister has to go to bed. Then me my mom and my dad just do whatever we want until I have to go to bed.

Happy New Year’s eve!! And Merry Christmas too because I never got to posting on Christmas.


Earth Like!?

So I guess they found a planet that’s “earth like”. Its ten times bigger then earth, way hotter than earth, and made almost completely of water. Earth like!? Yeah right!

A New Cat

So today we got a new cat. OK fine, a stray cat wandered into are yard. We live out in the country so animals wander into our yard sometimes. We found this cat about midnight in our garage. we gave it some food and left it in there until morning. Then we let it into our “breezeway” and I made it a bed out of a bushel basket and a blanket. Pretty much all it does for now is eat and rest, but if I was it, that’s what I would do. We named it Snow, but my dad calls him Snowball.

Power Outage

Yesterday the power went out at around 2:00 and did not come back on until like 9:20. I did not get much sleep because every single light in the house turned on and it woke everybody up. It was fun using candles and stuff but the power could have at least turned on before we went to bed.

Make Your Pc Look Like A Macbook

No, i don’t have a Mac, but I do know how to make my pc look like one. To get the “dock” you go to and download it. The rest you can find if you Google it. You can also add a Mac wallpaper if you want.

Amazing Christmas lights displays

Some people put up really amazing Christmas lights displays! Heres a link to some videos of some really amazing Christmas lights displays:

A Meeting at our house

We belong to a homeschool group called Cliff that has different groups inside of it. the one in particular that we belong to is called Nature Study Group. My mom runs Nature Study Group and ” co- leads” Cliff with my friend’s mom. So we hold a lot of the meeting at our house. I am writing this at one of those meetings right now. Me and my friend Matt always sneak up to up to my room because there’s always lots of little kids and little kids tend to annoy me especially when they are in the age range of 4-5. So anyway, we put out the stuff to make gingerbread houses so Matt wanted to make one so I was bored so I figured I would write a blog post.  At least I like to listen to the adults.