I get two laptops!

My first laptop was a Dell that Kaplan University sent my dad because he works there but he did not want it so I got it. Any way, long story short, my mom recked it trying to install a fan. Now, after six months, we finally contacted dell because Kaplan bought a warranty for it. So, apparently the motherboard needs to be replaced so a technician from Dell is going to come to our house and install it and since I have another laptop I will get two laptops! Yay!! 🙂


About Quinn C.

I live outside of Eldridge, IA. Yes, I know that it says that I live in Davenport, IA, but really I live closer to Eldridge. I just have a Davenport address. My hobbies include: magic, video games, movies, reading, and anything to do with technology. View all posts by Quinn C.

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