A Meeting at our house

We belong to a homeschool group called Cliff that has different groups inside of it. the one in particular that we belong to is called Nature Study Group. My mom runs Nature Study Group and ” co- leads” Cliff with my friend’s mom. So we hold a lot of the meeting at our house. I am writing this at one of those meetings right now. Me and my friend Matt always sneak up to up to my room because there’s always lots of little kids and little kids tend to annoy me especially when they are in the age range of 4-5. So anyway, we put out the stuff to make gingerbread houses so Matt wanted to make one so I was bored so I figured I would write a blog post.  At least I like to listen to the adults.


About Quinn C.

I live outside of Eldridge, IA. Yes, I know that it says that I live in Davenport, IA, but really I live closer to Eldridge. I just have a Davenport address. My hobbies include: magic, video games, movies, reading, and anything to do with technology. View all posts by Quinn C.

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