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Here are some pictures of the puppy

Here are some pictures of the puppy:


We got a new puppy today!!

OK, fine, my sister did. but still, its our whole family’s dog. His name is Pumpkin (pretty weird name choice for a boy dog, huh?), and he’s a black Cockapoo.

Diamond Head

So two days ago we hiked to the top of Diamond Head, Which is like 760 feet high. At the top they have a guy selling certificates that say you made it to the top. After that, we went to Hamauna bay, which is a beach where you can rent snorkels and flippers and go snorkeling. Its amazing how many tropical fish you can see!!


We finally got to Hawaii!!

we finally got to Hawaii!! Yay!!! We just got done at Waikiki beach, and now we are headed to the north shore.

edit: We made a couple wrong turns so we ended up going to Pali lookout and the Bishop Museum.



So tomorrow we leave for Hawaii. I can’t wait, we won’t have to freeze anymore!! We get to go there because my mom and dad are presenting at a conference. I can’t wait!!!