Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hmmm…. Maybe I Won’t Go to Russia

Oh, great. just great. This Russian company has invented (thankfully, not made) a missile system that disguises itself as a shipping container. Thanks a lot, Russia. I’m sure we’ll sleep tight knowing you can bomb us with a mere semi.

Update: It appears the video has been deleted. Why? Who knows. Maybe they’re plotting an attack!!


Today’s my birthday!!

For my party, we rented the pool at a hotel in Eldridge for a couple hours. My cake was this really good trifle where you put whipped cream, cherry pie filling, and angel food cake in it. It’s really good. I got an iPod docking station that doubles as a lamp, and Harry Potter Clue from my friend Matt.

A Next Generation iPhone Walks Into a Bar…

OK. This is the next generation iPhone: Read all of these posts in order: Update: Oh, great, now Apple somehow got a warrant to take Jason Chen’s (the Gizmodo employee that blogged about this) computers. Nice to no that Apple also owns the police. What’s next, the iPistol? The iCruiser?

Dear Eldridge Subway…

You drive me nuts!! I ask for less meat and more cheese on my sandwich, and this is your reply: “We don’t substitute. We’ll have to charge you.” And what’s even worse is that your commercials are used to be about how you can have whatever you want on your sandwich!!!

Today’s Fake Company


Spend money. Live worse.

Today’s Fake Company (invented by me)


Expect less. Pay more.

I Finally Got Windows 7!!

And Professional, nonetheless. Here’s a snapshot: Oh yeah, that’s one of the features, and one I’ll use a lot. It’s called “Snipping Tool”, and it allows you to capture all or some of your screen, and save it as a .jpeg or .gif file.