Twitter Client Smackdown: Who Will Win?

There are so many different Twitter clients I don’t even know them all. I’ve compiled a list of the best ones. The prize? I’ll keep it; the losers will be uninstalled. Here it is:

First place: DestroyTwitter

My personal favorite is actually a Twitter client called Blu, but it stopped working, so it doesn’t get a mention here. Anyway, this one gets first place because it’s most like Blu.

Adds: No.

Multiple accounts: No.

Facebook: No.

Second place: Seesmic For Windows

Seesmic is a sleek, beautiful Twitter client that looks tight at home on a Windows PC.

Adds: No.

Multiple accounts: Yes.

Facebook: No.

Third place: Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a nice Adobe Air-based Twitter client that has all the features.

Adds: No.

Multiple accounts: Yes.

Facebook: Yes.

Honorable mention: Sobees

This one most likely would have got third place if it weren’t for the fact that it has adds.

Adds: Yes.

Multiple accounts: Yes.

Facebook: Yes.


About Quinn C.

I live outside of Eldridge, IA. Yes, I know that it says that I live in Davenport, IA, but really I live closer to Eldridge. I just have a Davenport address. My hobbies include: magic, video games, movies, reading, and anything to do with technology. View all posts by Quinn C.

One response to “Twitter Client Smackdown: Who Will Win?

  • Valerie Connor

    Interesting. I’ll probably stick with TweetDeck for now – not bad coming in third place. Someday maybe I’ll try the others. I miss Blu, as well…

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