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The Results of The Poll – Finally

Sorry about that. I completely forgot about it. Anyway, the results are – drumroll please – a tie! Firefox technically won, but only because I voted, so I’m going to discount that vote. So, it was a tie between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Also, it seems that I forgot to include Internet Explorer, so sorry if you wanted to vote for that. I did, however, include an “other” option, so…


The cult of iThings (via head, heart, hands)

The cult of iThings A friend – and fellow Mac user – alerted me to a great article in today's Sydney Morning Herald, about the enthusiasm Apple devotees show for the newest gadgets produced by the company, despite the apparently hefty price tag. In it, Damian Thompson (just prior to confessing that he already owns an iPad) asks: Anyone who has studied addiction will recognise two troubling features of our obsession with this technology: the replacement of people by … Read More

via head, heart, hands