Google is Tempting Me With Big Bouncy Balls, But I’m Still Using Blekko

If you go to Google today, you should see a logo comprised of 66 balls. When you first visit the page, the balls fly up, bounce around for a bit, then fall back into place. If you mouse over the balls, they fly away from your mouse, as if it had a force field around it. This is completely entrancing. The first time I saw it, I played with it for about 5 minutes! No one quite knows what it symbolizes, but you can read some people’s best guesses on the WSJ here – apparently their holding a press event tomorrow about search. But, I wouldn’t have heard about this, unless I had read this Techcrunch article. Why? Because Google is no longer my home page. I am testing a new search engine called Blekko. And, I tink there is room for it in the search world! I doubt it will ever overtake Google. I don’t think any company can ever overtake Google. Google is simply just to large. But! I think it will come down to this: Google, the giant search company doing many more things, like email, and Blekko, the little powerhouse startup that doesn’t do much besides search. People who just use the internet for searching and shopping, and not much else, will flock to Google, while tech enthusiasts will flock to Blekko (I’m pretty sure I fall in this category. 🙂 ). See, Blekko allows you to narrow down your search results in way’s Google doesn’t. Actually, come to think of it, Google doesn’t let you narrow your search results at all. Anyway, soon I will post a review of Blekko, and explain more about it (“soon” meaning tomorrow – most likely). But don’t rush off to and try to sign up just yet – Blekko is invite only at the moment. Sorry.


About Quinn C.

I live outside of Eldridge, IA. Yes, I know that it says that I live in Davenport, IA, but really I live closer to Eldridge. I just have a Davenport address. My hobbies include: magic, video games, movies, reading, and anything to do with technology. View all posts by Quinn C.

3 responses to “Google is Tempting Me With Big Bouncy Balls, But I’m Still Using Blekko

  • Cindee Schnekloth

    Very impressive review! I will have to check out Blekko for myself now. Are you still using a gmail account?

    • Quinn C.

      Yes, but my email is now- OK, actually, just email me at whatever email of mine you have, and I will send my new one to you. Actually, Blekko is invite only at the moment – I will add that to the article. I have ten invites though, so you can have one if you want. Also, this is not the review, I will post that tomorrow. 🙂

  • Valerie aka Mom

    You have me convinced – I think I’ll start using blekko more. Still can’t get over how gross the name sounds, though…

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